Ursidae's New World


Black Bear

This bear is Ted from North American Bear Center

The American Black Bear's range used to stretch from Alaska all the way down into central Mexico, but due to human expansion into their habitats they have been hunted down. They have adapted to human development and scavange in the trash (Yogi Bear). American Black Bears are around 5-7 feet(1.5-2m)Despite their name they come in a variety of colors that depend on where they live. They can be cinnamon (reddish), brown, white, and black. Like most bears they are omnivorous and again like most bears eat plants. Their skulls have adapted with an area between their incisors and their molars that does not have teeth called a diastema. This is a common trait between herbivores and omnivores that makes it easier to eat without taking a break. I have a picture of a black bear skull for you to see it. Their habitat overlaps with Brown Bears, which is why the phrase "If it's Brown lie down and if it's Black fight back" comes from. The phrase goes to fight back because they are more timid towards humans. Out of the 8 bears I would put them at 2nd place for coolness.


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