Ursidae's New World

JSS (4/28/23)

There's a phrase I love quoting but I can never remember where I found it. At first I thought it was Albert Camus or maybe some other philospher but I haven't been able to find it. It goes something like "To be able to experience each other's happiness we must also partake in their sadness." I forget the ending but how I've always interpreted it as saying we cant enjoy the happiness and successes of others without also being there for their sadness and failings. It's got me thinking about why it feels like some people just can't stand other's being happy.

This is going to be about trans stuff btw.

I can't say I love being trans, because there's not much respect, good vibes, or acceptance to be taken from it. There is one thing and it's something I've been feeling evermore grateful for and that is the connection I can feel with others over shared issues. I'm still in school and I've been dredding prom, not intrested in loud events, wearing a suit (sidenote: all women look hot in suit so thats comforting), and I've gotta be there for most of the day. It wasn't something I was looking forward to. Yet I've tried to make sure other people might have a good time. To one of my transmasc friends I lent out a suit for him to wear. This made me quite happy being able to help him and I was quite glad that I was given the chance to help someone else. Little did I know that one of my other transmac friends would be willing to do the same for me. While talking with him and my bff he offered to give me one of his dresses to wear. I was very grateful for this and agreed to this. Now I have a great dress and a cute jacket to wear over it. All of this happened in the last two days (writing this the night before Prom) I've had to make a very abrupt turn of course in plans for Prom but I think I look really good in the dress and I'm very grateful for my friends. I am also going to absolve his $10 debt for writing his essay.

I'll make a note/post about how it goes later