Ursidae's New World

Music tastes (4/17/23)

My music taste has changed alot over time. It started with listening to rock with my dad, and than metal with my brother. I've been a bit of a fan of classic country, like Johnny Cash or Hank Williams (9/11 ruined country). I am in fact a country fan, but my favorite genre is folk music. I started listening to Marty Robinson and then listend to Cat Stevens. I love Cat Stevens songs so much. He writes some great happy upbeat songs. It's kinda sad since he uses the Qaran to be against LGBTQ people, but I interpret Father and Son, Don't Blame Them, Don't Be Shy, and If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out as all being about someone's relationship with their trans identity. That's my worst take about music. I've recently started listening to Phil Ochs. It started with some of his protest songs but I think how he plays and his voice is really soothing.

I've noticed that my music taste is almost entirely dependent on two things. One is their voice soothing to listen too, Sad songs like Johnny Cash's later work is excluded, and using acoustic. I see why someone might like other styles of music but for me I listen to music to be soothing and metal and rock doesn't do that to me.