Ursidae's New World

Sing Me A Song (6/21/23)

Get Creative!!!

I am not the best artist but I've been trying out and practicing a couple different kinds of art. I've started doing woodcuts which is kinda like making a 2d image on a piece of wood. What I've done so far isn't impressive but it's something I like and I'm going to practice more of it. I'm also about to finally finish the wood car that I injured my hand making. Besides woodcarving I've been drawing a bit more. I'm about as good as an artist as I am a programmer or graphic designer but it's still quite fun. I got a little tiny palmsized notebook that I've been using to draw zombies in. I'm also adding notes to the side talking about the zombies. I might recreate some of them digitally and create a page for those. Which would be a good way to make a slideshow that'll display them. I've been mainly drawing Left 4 Dead zombies because they're really fun but getting refrences I have to see 2012 fanart of them.