Ursidae's New World

Update (4/9/23)

I haven't been doing much with this website and I want to make it clear that I haven't given this up. I've been focuse on schoolwork and preparing for the SAT, which is my focus currently. To make up for it I'll do a quick review of the farm arc in Season 2 of The Walking Dead. I should have it uploaded by the end of the week.

With that out of the way I've been doing a bit better overall. I've been practicing makeup which is fun; I love doing it. I can't really say how much I like doing makeup since I only have some eyeliner, but that's all I need. I am proud of myself since I've been avoiding doing it because I am scared. Don't get me wrong I am still way to nervous to show anyone. Shoutoutt to my friend who got me the eyeliner.