I would rate it as 3.8/5. The comedy isn't my favorite so maybe not considering that it's 4/5, but I also think the story was kinda slow. I would recommend it

Dead Snow

This movie is not one of my favorites but its a pretty good movie to watch with friends. The humor is a bit curde (not a bad thing) I enjoyed the writing enough. It did have comments about zombies in the universe (I personally don't like when zombies are acknoledged) the comments do make it so that the characters surviving makes more sense.

The writing is funny, altough not really my type, there's sex, penis, and zombie jokes. A bit stupid but my favorite joke was after one was bit they cut off their hand and then they're dick was bitten off.

Dead snow is about a Norwegian group of friends going on a trip into the mountainous region of Norway. They are killed one by one by a group of Nazi zombies. These zombies oppresed the Norwegian people and got kicked into the wilderness. Not everyone survives but it's a silly adventure.