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Helloo welcome I think I like this website and this new design. I got inspired after playing RDR2 and binging old Western movies. There might be some parts I haven't brough over into this new format and that's because I am toying around with diffrent concepts. I also haven't been updating this cause I got distracted by a lot of things (including the musical spoons) but I've gotten in an essay writing mood and so I am gonna work on the one's I've been wanting to do for so long starting with the history of zombies.

Born to reject a man who won't hoe his corn, forced to cry over a loser

Van Ronk Monday

Listend to Metal

I really think people like match their music taste. Like every metal fan acts like they listen to Metal. Every TV girl fan acts like they listen to TV Girl. I think I act like I listen to Folk. I didn't really mind this genre.

List of Zombie media

Joke generator

Bear Quiz

Henry David Thoreau

Zombie related websites


I've got some more general zombie related knoledge on the zombie bookmark.

I'm planning on finishing two essays I have about zombies and upload them here. One's about Carl from The Walking Dead and the other is the unfinished essay about Zom 100, that I've been writing for months now. They'll have their own page when it's finished.

Where I'm at with this remodel

  • Redo the basic parts (the about and home pages)
  • Create the Zombie page stuff
  • Remodel the review section
  • Remodel the blog
  • Remodel the bears
  • Fix Each Review
  • Review the Blogs